Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Update 6

Wednesday, February 5th

In the morning coordination, we realized that we only have three more days on campus. We started by singing, then pray-reading verses in Colossians, and lastly praying for the health of the trainees and the saints and for each specific appointment today. The brothers prepared the outline and message for the Bible study in the evening based on John 7. There was no tabling today, so groups went out to put flyers up around campus and others had appointments with students. In the Bible study, there were six students, with one coming for the first time. We sang a couple of hymns before getting into the Word. A few students who were studying nearby came in to bring us more chairs and told us that they enjoyed our singing. We enjoyed that the Lord is our living water and that He wants us to come to Him and drink freely!

A highlight from today was a second appointment with student C. We shared our testimonies of how the Lord became real to us and called us to go to the Training. She shared her story of turning from just fearing the Lord to loving and seeking Him. Pray that she would remain open and that the Lord would get connected to some local saints before we leave.

Thursday, February 6th

We had our coordination today before our last day of tabling on campus. We first began with some singing and praising the Lord for taking care of the health of the saints. A brother joined us and gave us an encouraging testimony of how he was gained and came into the church life through the contact of the saints during a gospel trip eight years ago. Then we prayed for the upcoming appointments, especially for their further connection with the local saints.

In one of the appointments today, the sisters were meeting up with student B for the third time. Initially, student B indicated that she was not seeking although she grew up in a Christian family. After one of the sisters shared her testimony of how God became real to her, student B was very thankful and felt like that was something she had never heard before in Christianity. She received a New Testament and we hope to connect her to a home meeting before we leave.

This evening we had our last seminar on the topic, “What’s the point?”. Thank you for all the prayers! We felt like the Lord really brought in some seeking ones. Thirteen students came; six of them came for the first time. A brother, who is an alumnus of the university, explained that we are vessels made to contain God. We received a positive response from the students, with some expressing interest in joining future Wednesday Bible studies.


  • Flyers: 233
  • Bibles: 10
  • Contacted: 12
  • Prayed/Called: 2
  • Basic Elements of the Christian Life: 14
  • Regular appointments: 3