Richmond, VA—Gospel Trip, Update 6

Thank you all for your prayers! This last weekend we had our mini-conference on the gospel of John! There were four messages given. After the first three (on Saturday) we divided up into groups to fellowship about the sharing with the help of the Recovery Version with footnotes. On Lord’s day, we first had the table meeting, followed by the fourth message and a time of overflow. There were four college/new brothers who attended the mini-conference and seven college sisters. Many of them attended the Lord’s table meeting as well, and some of the sisters spent all of Saturday and Lord’s day with the saints!

This week, we split up into two teams. One will be in Charlottesville at the UVA campus, and the other will be in Newport News and Virginia Beach handing out Bible offers and ministry books. We will reunite in Richmond this Thursday.

Prayer Burdens:

  • For the follow up with the ones contacted in Richmond last week, that they could receive the proper shepherding and be brought into the church life
  • For our sowing this week in the different cities, that the Lord could find many sons of peace and feed many of His hungry ones
  • For the health and supply of the serving ones, that we would be freshly supplied by the Lord each morning and that He would supply life to our mortal bodies