Charlotte—Prayer Burdens

  1. For each of member of the new full-time team: Brandon McGuire, his wife, Jenny, and their two young children; Bobby Wood, his wife Jessica, and their four young children; Jasmin Martinez; Jasmine Montemayor; Nathan Orr; Jonathan Robbins;  Ricardo Sosa; Phoebe Tang; and Kaylin Wiseman.
  2. That all of the saints in the church in Charlotte, the members of the new campus team, and the other new migrants, would be blended together in the church life and service for the Lord’s testimony in Charlotte and for His move in the Carolinas.
  3. That the Lord would lead the team in their labor and service in the midst of the current pandemic, uplifting and encouraging their spirits, and giving them the practical way to mingle with the saints and contact people on the UNCC campus and in the community.