Memphis Update March 2021

To the churches in the Lord’s recovery,

We give thanks and praise to the source of all of the NT blessings for what He has done and is doing in the church here in Memphis in His present move.

In His present move we have enjoyed the personal visitation of a number of saints open and seeking the Lord about Memphis. Some have picked up the burden to join us here in the prayer for Memphis as well as the other migration cities for the opening and placing of the members of His Body. Some of these are still opening and considering before the Lord as to their personal situations. The church here has also enjoyed blending via Zoom with the churches in Mansfield, OH and Belleview, WA. This also brought others in these churches into the burden as well as some opening for the Lord’s speaking concerning prayer and migration.

Thus far we have had a couple from Victorville, CA and family of four from Fairfax, VA arrive here, purchase homes and enter into the blending with the church here. There is also a family of three, a young couple and two single retired sisters that plan to move here in the next few months. We thank the Lord for His move, whom He has placed here with us to co-labor with the church here and the Lord for His testimony in this city. We are still praying for the Lord to place those here whom He wills.

The church here is looking to the Lord as we are all beginning to experience a springtime in the church here where many signs of new life and growth are taking place.