University of Pittsburgh & Carnegie Mellon

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Carnegie Mellon University is known for its strong STEM program, including computer science and AI. It has about 10,000 students and attracts top students from all over the world. Currently, we have a solid student base of 15 students, including master's and Ph.D. students, who regularly attend church meetings. On Lord's Day, the church meets in a classroom on the Carnegie Mellon campus. The University of Pittsburgh is a public state university of 35,000 students. It's primary students from all over Pennsylvania and neighboring states. Currently, the students are not as numerous as at Carnegie Mellon, but several saints are working as staff, researchers, and professors.


CMU and UPitt are located next to each other; the synergy between the campuses has been very encouraging. CMU Bible study comprises 12-14 students; UPitt 6-8 students. They all meet on Friday for the college meeting. The numbers reach around 25 students.

The campus team is slowly being built, and currently, four full-timers are laboring on campus. Since the existing students have been strengthened, the team desires to reach out more to the new ones next semester.

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