Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Update 2

Tuesday (1/28/20)

We had coordination and prayer and then split up six trainees to go to the UCF main campus, and the other six to go to Valencia East. At UCF, we tabled in a free speech zone, which happened to be across from a preacher on a microphone. To avoid students thinking we were associated, we moved the table down the walkway and had a few students walk by. Another table was set up at UCF along a busier walkway and received more interest. Three students prayed to receive the Lord!

We set up one table at Valencia East. There were several students who were interested in coming to dinners and home meetings to get connected with the local saints. We had another home meeting at night and two new ones from Valencia College came. We enjoyed a potluck style dinner, sang hymns, and read verses in John 6 correlating to the tract, “Is Jesus in Your Boat?”


  • Tracts: 37
  • Bibles: 69
  • Basic Elements of the Christian Life: 23
  • Prayed/Called on the Lord: 3
  • Contacts: 61
  • Came to Home Meeting: 2

Prayer Burdens:

  • The two new ones, Laura and Trenee, would come to another home meeting and deepen connections with local saints. Trenee seemed especially open and warm and Laura conversed with the trainees.
  • Follow-up contact with the three who were saved and prayed to receive the Lord at UCF.