Virginia Beach, VA

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Virginia Beach, a coastal city in southeastern Virginia, is the largest city in the state of Virginia, with a population of over 450,000. It is part of a region called Hampton Roads with a population of 1.7 million, the largest concentration of US military personnel in the world, including 118,000 active-duty personnel. Saints have been meeting in a small way in the Hampton Roads area since 1966. From 2004 - 2015, the saints in Virginia Beach met with the saints in Newport News. Today, the church in Virginia Beach is in close proximity to the churches in Newport News (30 min.), Richmond (1.5 hrs), and Charlottesville (2.5 hrs). There are nearly 35 adults and 20 children living in close proximity, practicing a day-to-day church life. With rich blending with all the churches in the Mid-Atlantic and a burden for the campuses, particularly Old Dominion University with 25,000 students in nearby Norfolk, the saints are eagerly anticipating the Lord's continual leading.

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