Upcoming Virtual Tours: Virginia Beach & Omaha

Dear saints,

This Saturday 8/13 we have two virtual tours scheduled with Virginia Beach at 4 PM ET and Omaha at 5 PM CT. The Zoom link to attend will be posted to the GTCA.us website shortly before each virtual tour. The recording of the previous virtual tour can be found below:

Columbus, OH

The schedule for the virtual tours is as follows:

Columbus, Ohio7/30/20224 PM ET
Virginia Beach, VA8/13/20224 PM ET
Omaha, NE8/13/20225 PM CT
Normal, IL8/20/20224 PM CT
Tampa, FL8/21/20225 PM ET
Cincinnati, OH8/27/20225 PM ET
Nashville, TN8/28/20225 PM CT
St. Louis, MO9/17/20224 PM CT
Memphis, TN9/24/20225 PM CT

In Christ,

The co-workers in North America coordinating for the GTCA move