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The University of Missouri—St. Louis (UMSL) is spread across 470 acres in suburban Saint Louis County. With more than 15,000 students, 91% of which are from Missouri and Illinois, UMSL is St. Louis Region’s premier public research university. UMSL is considered a Tier 1 national research university, according to U.S. News & World Report. It is known for its business and accounting departments, nursing school, and the nation’s largest and most diverse biology conservation and criminal justice program. In addition, UMSL has been ranked number one in Missouri for affordability.


Washington University in Saint Louis (WashU) sits on 169 acres in St. Louis County adjacent to Forest Park, the largest inter-city park in the United States. It is ranked 14 by the 2022 U.S. News & World Report. WashU is one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States and has a strong emphasis on research. The college is known for its Arts and Science department, Business School, School for design and Visual Arts, and school of Engineering. Strong graduate programs include law school, medical school, public health, and physical and occupational therapy. WashU has been awarded numerous times for the students' quality of life, and students are required to live on campus for the first two years of their undergraduate studies.


University of Missouri—St. Louis (UMSL)

With so many local students, there is a strong burden to gain typical Missourians at UMSL. The church has been faithful to labor at UMSL through tabling, weekly Bible studies, and one-on-one appointments with open students. The testimony is that the students are open and warm to the gospel and fellowship. Our burden this year will be to continue to labor to bring the students into the one-on-one appointments and small groups of the church. We continue to pray for a campus-recognized club and a full-time campus team in 2023.

Washington University in Saint Louis (WashU)

There are many graduate students currently meeting with the Church in St. Louis. We hope these students will be seeds of the gospel to gain their friends and colleagues and connect them to the local small groups.

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