Pittsburgh, PA—Gospel Trip, Update 1

Days 1 & 2 (January 25-26th)

The trainees and local saints in the Greater Pittsburgh area got together for a time of blending after the trainees arrived yesterday evening. The time consisted of a love feast, a brief round of introductions, prayer, and singing.

This morning, the church in Pittsburgh met in a classroom on the Carnegie Mellon campus, and approximately 50 were present in the Lord’s Table meeting. We continued our time of blending, after the meeting, with another love feast and a brief tour of both the Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh campuses. We ended the day by having dinner with the local saints.

Prayer Burdens:

  • The health of the trainees as some on the trip are ill.
  • Tabling on both campuses (Monday to Friday) that will culminate in a Bible seminar (Saturday).