Pittsburgh, PA—Gospel Trip, Update 2

January 27-28th

After our times of fellowship, prayer, and coordination in the morning, we split into two groups to table at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). We spent approximately three hours on each campus handing out Bibles, The Mystery of Human Life tracts, and invitations to Christians on Campus events and the upcoming Bible seminar on Saturday.

Our statistics over the last two days:

  • Tracks: 1067
  • Bibles: 45
  • Contacted: 78
  • Second Appointments: 1

On Monday evening, the majority of the trainees went to a couple’s home for dinner and fellowship. The couple made pho for us, and then, after some singing, they shared their testimonies of how they came into the church life. We were really encouraged to hear the testimonies of His loving seekers who have come out of the fold and into the pasture!

On Tuesday evening, the whole team got together for prayer and fellowship, followed by dinner in the local saints’ home. After dinner, we gathered to pray for our labor on the campuses and all the gospel trips around the country.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for the Lord to release students that are available for second appointments, Bible studies, and/or the Bible seminar on Saturday.
  • Pray for more families to be added to the church in Pittsburgh, including more children and young people.