St. Louis—Gospel Trip, Update 3

January 22

In coordination, we pray-read Colossians 1:12, 2:6-7 and a passage concerning being burdened with the Spirit of gospel. Our strategy of going to campus is to focus on the open students, so we should exercise our discernment while approaching them. During the children’s meeting in the afternoon, together with serving sisters, we hosted a total of 21 children in all levels. In addition, a few parents joined also. We sang songs about responsibility and respect. We had three stations, which included scrabble, a memory challenge, and marshmallow and toothpicks games. It ended with a sardines game and the children were picked up by their families.

January 22

The Lord gave us multiple follow-up appointments today, and our feeling is that these contacts are really becoming beloved to us. Besides these appointments, we continued tabling, distributing Bibles, and contacting more students at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). We are encouraged that the majority of students are friendly and open to talking with us. However, we pray that the Lord would bring the key seeking ones to us in our short time here.

In the evening, we had a precious time with the saints in their homes. It is very apparent (and such a pattern to us) that in the midst of their ordinary days Christ and the church are the real center and meaning of their lives.


  • Bibles distributed: 16
  • Saved: 1

Prayer Burdens:

  • For the key seeking ones to be reached and many follow-up appointments to be released.
  • For the ones with whom we have followed up to get connected to the local saints in St. Louis.