Charlotte, NC—Gospel Trip, Update 2

Greetings from the Charlotte, NC team. On Tuesday, January 28, half the team and local saints went to Uptown, the central business district of Charlotte to distribute Bibles, while the rest of the team continued tabling at UNC Charlotte.

It was the very first time in the history of the Church in Charlotte that the saints had gone to the financial district to preach the gospel. The church is burdened to reach the hungry seekers in the business industry. Within 45 minutes, we gave out 30 Bibles. By the end of our time there, 365 gospel tracts were handed out. On the next day, January 29, five local saints, two full-timers and two brothers on the team continued the labor there and distributed 100 gospel tracts.

Meanwhile, the labor at UNC Charlotte also gained positive responses. On Tuesday, January 28, we presented the Recovery Version to 36 students and 34 of them signed for further contact. Forty-six Bibles and 90 tracts were given out by the end of the day. On Wednesday, January 29, we distributed 54 Bibles and 107 tracts and received contact information from 27 students who expressed interest in having appointments and Bible studies on campus. A senior college student, after discovering eye-opening insight into God’s Word through the footnotes on Romans 8:28, said, “I always knew I had been merely scratching the surface in my Bible study. There must be something deeper and more profound! This study Bible is amazing!”

In addition to the gospel activities, the team continued to blend with the local saints in Charlotte. On the morning of Wednesday, January 29, four sisters on the team had lunch fellowship with four college sisters from both Central Piedmont Community College and UNC Charlotte. The brothers enjoyed spending time with the local saints as well.


January 28

  • Bibles: 76
  • tracts: 455
  • contact information collected: 34

January 29

  • Bibles: 54
  • tracts: 207
  • contact information collected: 27

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would release the contacts to attend the gospel meeting at UNC Charlotte on Thursday evening, January 30.
  • The Christian students on campus at UNC Charlotte would gain many core students this semester.
  • More local saints would be burdened to join the door knocking in four different neighborhoods on Lord’s Day afternoon, February 2.