Lexington, KY—Gospel Trip, Update 5

Saturday, February 1

Some of us joined a brunch and blending time for all the sisters in the church in Lexington. In the afternoon, we joined the saints for some afternoon activities. We joined the local saints for three hours to distribute Bibles at a local Walmart in Lexington. We met some dear believers there and had fellowship and mutual shepherding with one another. We also had a blending time activity afterward, going bowling with the team and the saints in Lexington. Later, we had an awesome time at the young people’s meeting. We ate dinner, sang hymns and had fellowship with the young people. It was refreshing to be with the saints, especially the children and young people, throughout the day. It was a blessing to be with one another and see one another in and out of the meetings.

Lord’s Day, February 2

We had a wonderful time enjoying the Lord and worshipping Him with the saints during the Lord’s table meeting on the University of Kentucky (UK) campus. We enjoyed that the Lord has created the one new man on the cross through His death and He is bringing forth the one new man as we are living in our spirit and our minds are being renewed. We then had a sweet time of blending by eating lunch with the local saints. Some of us took a walk together in a nearby arboretum afterward and enjoyed one another’s presence and fellowship. We also spent time together with the team to share more testimonies with one another and to coordinate for the upcoming week. Our main burden this week is to meet up with the students that we contacted, establish a relationship with them, and connect them with the local saints. Afterward, we ate dinner and spent more time blending together with the saints, as well as resting for the upcoming week.

Being with the local saints has been so sweet, cherishing, and supplying to all of us trainees. Praise the Lord for the church life!

Statistics (Walmart distribution):

  • Bibles distributed: 15
  • Basic Elements of the Christian Life distributed: ~12

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray that the Lord would release all the appointments with the seeking students this week and connect them with the local saints so that they can be remaining fruits.
  • Pray for the Lord to preserve the hearts of the children and the young people in Lexington.
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to cover and strengthen the health of all the trainees, full-time serving ones and the local saints.