Lexington, KY—Gospel Trip, Update 7

Tuesday, February 4

We started the day with morning coordination with the team. Our burden was to pray specific prayers for the contacts we were meeting with and to pray for them to be connected with the local saints. Although our new location on campus had less traffic, there were still some students who stopped by our table. Some of us also went to meet with students for appointments and walked around campus to talk to students. After our time on campus, we had dinner and a blending time in the local saints’ homes.

Wednesday, February 5

We had some visiting saints to join us for the day. We started the day singing hymns, pray-reading, and enjoying our Spirit. We enjoyed 2 Cor. 6:1 and footnotes:

They worked together with God by a life (not by any gift) that was all-sufficient and all-mature, able to fit all situations, that is, able to endure any kind of treatment, to accept any kind of environment, to work in any kind of condition, and to take any kind of opportunity, for the carrying out of their ministry. (2 Cor. 6:1, note 1)

We split up our team into two sub-teams to go onto the campuses of Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) and the University of Kentucky (UK).

In EKU, we set up a table to give out Bibles and many students were very open to us. One highlight was when one student stopped to ask if she could grab more Bibles for her friends who were in class. We distributed a substantial amount of Bibles in a short period of time. At UK, we presented the riches of the Recovery Version of the Bible to the students who stopped by. It was wonderful to see when students were impressed with the contents of the study Bible. In addition, we had appointments with two students. One of the students prayed to receive the Lord! We also had a Bible study where a Korean couple and a student joined us. We had a wonderful time of fellowship reading through John 4, which shows us that Jesus is the Christ, who wants to be our Husband and give us living water to satisfy us!

Praise the Lord for these open students! There are many seeking and open ones at UK and EKU. The Korean couple and their two children came to have dinner with us and were able to meet and spend time with saints. Another student also came and joined us for dinner. We pray that the Lord would continue to connect the students to the saints in Lexington and their open homes.


  • Bibles distributed: 64
  • Basic Elements of the Christian Life distributed: ~43
  • Appointments: 5
  • Saved: 4

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for the Lord’s grace in connecting the students with the local saints in Lexington and continue to strengthen and bless them.
  • Pray for the Lord to release the students to attend the Bible studies this week.
  • Pray that the Lord will continue to cover and strengthen the health of all the trainees, full-time serving ones, and the local saints.