Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Update 2

Tuesday, January 28

In the morning we came together to coordinate at the campus house. We enjoyed the Lord by singing and praying and read a portion of “The Age of the One New Man.” Afterward, we went through all the contacts that we met yesterday. A number of students came up to the table yesterday and had positive interactions with the trainees. Most of them left their phone numbers and said that they were interested in joining a Bible study this semester. Fourteen more students were contacted on campus by going out two by two. We prayed for the Lord to release a second contact with these ones and that the Lord would give us remaining fruit through all these contacts.

We set up a table today again at the University of Minnesota for five hours. There were no sign-ups at the table today, but we passed out a number of flyers, tracts, and Bibles to ones that were interested. Going around campus, we also met a few students that were open to meet up again for fellowship. Two trainees met a freshman at the university who was raised in a Christian home. We hope the Lord will release another appointment with her in the upcoming week to get into the Word.


  • Flyers: 400
  • Tracts: Around 350
  • Contacts: 7
  • Bibles given: 3

Wednesday, January 29

This morning we had a brief coordination and went to campus to put up flyers for the Thursday seminar. The trainees split up into groups to put up 200 flyers. Even in this matter, we realized that this was spiritual warfare and we needed much prayer for the Lord’s interest on this campus. We prayed that the Lord would open the students’ eyes to see this event and He would have a free way to gain what He is after here. A few trainees had lunch appointments with students. In the afternoon, a few sisters went to go meet a student at a local coffee shop. The girl brought her high school friend and we had positive contact with both of them. They even offered to take us around the city next week. After dinner, we joined the Wednesday night Bible study on campus. We went over John 6, talking about how the Lord came as the bread of life, and that we can take Him in as food by pray-reading the Word. At the end of the Bible study, we practiced pray-reading in smaller groups. There were 21 people at the Bible study, including eight students. Out of the eight, one came for the first time.

One of the highlights from today was when two brothers went to have lunch with a student they met on the first day on campus. The student grew up in a Lutheran home and now meets at both a Lutheran church and a Catholic church. He admitted that he is at the stage in his life where he is unsure about his faith and is wondering about the meaning of his life. The brothers ended up sharing about how they became Christians and how God’s purpose in creating man was to have man express Him. He was open to meeting us again to find out more about the meaning of human life and God’s eternal purpose.