Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Update 3

Thursday, January 30

In the morning, we had coordination at the campus house as usual. We took the time to pray over each appointment today and for the students that were personally contacted to come to the seminar tonight. Throughout the day, we had another time of tabling in the student union, and there were also a number of second appointments with students. At the seminar, a brother who graduated from the University of Minneapolis came to speak about his experiences of the Lord as the antidote for anxiety in college and after college. He shared that the easiest way to live a life free from anxiety is to call on the name of the Lord, just like the prophet Jeremiah’s experience in Lamentations 3:55-56. There were five new students that came to the seminar; they all seemed to be positive and lingered to talk more with us at the end of the event.

One of the highlights earlier today was when a trainee went out to preach the gospel with a core student in the campus club. They met a girl who said she was not religious. The sisters told her that they were not either and that they just wanted to introduce her to a living Person, the Lord Jesus. They led this student to call on the name of the Lord.

Statistics (from the last two days):

  • Flyers: 313
  • Tracts: 283
  • Contacts: 14
  • Prayed: 1
  • Bibles and Basic Elements of the Christian Life: 4
  • Second appointments: 4

Friday, January 31

Today, we gathered together for a time of coordination, singing, and prayer. We have really been enjoying the hymn, “What will turn our sorrows to joy? Abounding thanks, unceasing praise!”. Mentioning the ones that came to the seminar, we prayed that the Lord would open their hearts and cause them to seek Him. One encouraging story was that one student opened up about God feeling far away from him even though he grew up in a Christian home. He wanted to start talking to God and reading the Bible more. He actually had wandered into the seminar thinking it was a different group and ended up staying for the entire time.

After coordination, we headed to campus to have lunch with students. The sisters split into two groups and met with two existing students. It was good to spend some time with them, getting to know one another. The brothers also had appointments, one with a student that came to the seminar and another with a trainee’s friend that is open to us. After some rest in the afternoon, we split into several groups for Friday night meetings across Minneapolis/Brooklyn Park. One group stayed at the campus house for the Christians on Campus’s board game night with students, one group went to the young people’s meeting, and another group joined their hospitality’s home meeting. At the young people’s meeting, four trainees shared their testimonies about how they got to the Full-time Training and had a Q&A session.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for the ones that came to the Thursday seminar, that the Lord would stir up their hunger to know Him and His Word
  • Pray for the community outreach time this Saturday as trainees and community saints go door-knocking in Minneapolis
  • Pray for the Lord to cover the health of the trainees and the saints in Minneapolis/Brooklyn Park