Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Update 4

Saturday, February 1

Today we gathered with the local saints for a time of singing and prayer before a community outreach time in the neighborhoods next to the University of Minneapolis St. Paul campus. We enjoyed Hymn 920, that the Lord would sound out the trumpet-call and He would be proclaimed as Lord of all in our going door-to-door. About 26 of us were together, 10 trainees and 16 local saints from the churches in Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park, not including a few children who joined for the time. We split up into 9 teams to go down 9 different streets in that area. We gave out Basic Elements of a Christian Life and flyers with the LSM Christian radio website and the church’s email address for people to reach out if interested. Many of the homes were student houses. We had a number of good conversations, including one that was looking for a church and open to coming to the Lord’s day meeting tomorrow. Many of the saints were encouraged by the time and were excited to go out on the gospel, which the church has been aiming to do together once a month.

In the evening we split into several groups. A few trainees joined two different Chinese-speaking home meetings. Most of the trainees stayed at the campus house for a revival meeting with some local saints. The goal was to invite and encourage saints who have not been to meetings in a while and enjoy the Lord with them.


  • Flyers/Door-hangers: 169
  • Tracts: 19
  • Contacts: 30
  • Bibles given: 16
  • Regular appointment: 1

Lord’s Day, February 2

For the table meeting, we got to blend with the churches in Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park. The saints shared on “Knowing and Experiencing the All-inclusive, Extensive Christ as the Good Land – our Allotted Portion.” Afterward, we had a love feast at the church in Minneapolis and the saints in Brooklyn Park gathered together at a local restaurant with the trainees. The saints joined us for some fun afternoon activities and for dinner.