Minneapolis, MN—Gospel Trip, Update 5

Monday, February 3

We had coordination at the campus house in the morning before heading out to campus for tabling. We first began our time together with a hymn, “Loving You, Lord’s all I’m living for”. We prayed that we would allow the Lord to have the first place in everything today, even in our tabling. We were reminded that Christ must be the centrality and universality in everything we do. Then, we had a time of prayer, mentioning our contacts by name before the Lord and standing together with the saints in China who are affected by the current situation. In the afternoon, we tabled again at the student union. A lady came to our table hoping to grab a Bible for her niece, but after we explained to her how to use the study Bible, she got a Bible for herself too.

One of the highlights of today was meeting student J. The brothers met him twice while out giving out flyers and, due to his afternoon classes being canceled, he was free and they led him to the table where he met all the other saints. He was unexpectedly very comfortable, open, genuine, and seeking, and ended up being engaged in conversation with us for close to two hours! J is a Christian, is local, and recently returned to start a Master’s program. He shared his testimony and recent enjoyment in the Scriptures with us. We found out that he is looking for a Christian community on campus, such as a club like ours. At the end, we exchanged numbers and arranged to meet for lunch the next day.

Tuesday, February 4

We started the day at the campus house with coordination as usual. During coordination, we enjoyed the Lord by singing, praying and reading a chapter of The Age of the One New Man. Then we mentioned the ones that we are meeting today so the appointments could be covered in prayer. After coordination, we headed off to tabling at the University of Minnesota Minneapolis campus and the St. Paul campus.

Student J, whom the brothers met yesterday, came for lunch and spent an hour and a half hours engaged with the brothers. He was still open and genuine with us and we learned more about him and his relationship with the Lord. We realized that J is a dear and precious brother who loves the Lord and is serious about knowing the Lord, studying the Word, pursuing the truth, and having a proper Christian walk. At the end, we invited him for the upcoming seminar on Thursday, as well as for dinner and board games on Friday and he said he would come for both! Praise the Lord for this open and seeking one!

Statistics (for the last two days):

  • Flyers: 490
  • Tracts: 400
  • Bibles: 4
  • Contacted: 11
  • Second appointments: 3
  • Prayed/Called: 1

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for the Bible study Wednesday night and the seminar Thursday night, that the Lord would bring His seeking ones.
  • Pray for all the positive contacts, particularly students J and R, to be remaining fruit.