Orlando, FL—Gospel Trip, Update 7

Sunday (2/2/20)

The Lord’s Table meeting included the saints from Fort Lauderdale and a couple of brothers visiting from Vancouver, Canada. It was also exciting to see one of the new ones who came to the home meeting on Friday night come to the Lord’s Table. He met a sister at a local Walgreens earlier this week and prayed to meet with believers outside of religion. After having a wonderful time Friday night, he was invited to join the Lord’s Table meeting at the meeting place in Apopka, Florida. The meeting hall happened to be located only 5 minutes from his house. Praise the Lord for His perfect arrangement!

The new one who came to the Lord’s table introduced himself and said he had been enjoying it so much and is thankful to be with the Body of Christ. He stayed for the love feast that followed. Afterward, the trainees spent some time bonding as a team exploring Orlando. We arrived at Gainesville at night and spent some time with students and local saints.

Prayer Burdens:

  • Pray for this new brother to continue enjoying the Lord with the Body.