Richmond, VA—Gospel Trip, Update 1

Thank you for your prayers! We have been in Richmond, Virginia for about three days now. Over the weekend, we have spent time blending with the local saints as well as ones visiting from all over the Mid-Atlantic region.

During the course of this trip, we will be covering the matter of life meeting the need of every case in the gospel of John.

Today was our first day going out on the gospel. We’re split up into three different sub-teams: some representing Christians on Campus, some representing Bibles for America, and some out in the community. With much prayer and blending with the local saints for this time, we were able to reach so many–Hallelujah!


  • Tracts distributed: 788
  • Bibles distributed: 106
  • People contacted: 84
  • Prayed to receive the Lord: 2

Prayer Burdens:

  • The Lord would release the proper follow up for those we contacted today
  • The students we met today would be available to attend the events planned for this week
  • The Lord would increase and we would decrease in our going out on the gospel