Richmond, VA—Gospel Trip, Update 4

Thank you for your prayers! The Lord is surely moving in Richmond. Yesterday, we continued our sowing labor on the campus and in the community. We’ve also had some sweet second appointments with students who are seeking and hungry for fellowship with other believers. The Lord sovereignly brought them to us, and we believe that there are still more He wants to reach. At the end of the night, we had a glorious group fellowship in a home. We sang with open hearts and released spirits to the Lord, and afterward listened to a word about God’s eternal purpose! When it came time for the students to respond in their smaller groups, their sharing showed that many of them saw something of God’s economy. Praise the Lord! He is faithfully operating. We cooperate, and He completes the work He has prepared.

Prayer Burdens:

  • For the Lord to continue sowing, releasing 2nd appointments, and establishing strong connections with key contacts
  • That many would attend this weekend’s seminar on the book of John and be satisfied with God’s life
  • For all the saints to continue in the labor while resting in His presence and enjoying His rich grace


  • 540 gospel tracts
  • 66 Bibles
  • 76 people contacted
  • 5 second appointments