Richmond, VA—Gospel Trip, Update 5

We are very encouraged! Today was our last day of sowing on the VCU campus and in the city of Richmond. However, we still met many open students and people from the community. This evening we had a home meeting at the brothers’ house next to campus and three new sisters who we met this week attended, as well as three freshman brothers who have been meeting with the club since the beginning of the school year. One of the new sisters expressed that she felt very at home with us and had found her community, and one of the brothers said that he felt the same way being with us!

Tomorrow and Lord’s day we will have a mini-conference at the VCU campus. We have been inviting many of those we met this week to this time and will be covering the topic of Life Meeting Every Man’s Case in the Gospel of John!

Prayer Burdens:

  • That the Lord would bless the mini-conference this weekend, that there would be much rich fellowship and that the Lord would draw many new ones to Himself.
  • For follow-up appointments with those, we met this week, that we could establish good connections with these ones and they could be remaining fruit.

Statistics to Date:

  • 4335 gospel tracts
  • 470 Bibles
  • 444 people contacted
  • 5 prayed
  • 21 second appointments
  • 1 regular appointment

Thank you for your prayers!