Richmond, VA—Gospel Trip, Update 7

We praise the Lord for the time He gave us in Richmond! Over the past two weeks, we participated in a blended work of fellowship, prayer, care, and coordination on six different campuses in Virginia, with 31 saints coming from different parts of the east coast, (not counting the eight trainees.)

During the second week of the trip, we split up into two teams and visited the saints in Newport News, Virginia Beach, and Charlottesville. It was a joy to eat the Lord, fellowship, pray and labor with them! We came back to Richmond on Thursday night and enjoyed a college meeting filled with flowing rivers of water of life! On Friday we had follow-up appointments and various home meetings with new students. Our week ended with a young people’s singing time on Saturday evening. The YP brought two friends who came for the first time. We were very encouraged by how much these young people love to sing to the Lord! Even their friends were ushered into the enjoyment. One of the friends exclaimed “Hallelujah!” after we declared the line: “Drink! A river pure and clear!”

Thank you all for your prayers during this time! We were all richly supplied throughout the trip, and the Lord really brought in His blessing.

Total Stats:

  • 687 Bibles distributed
  • 4561 gospel tracts and free Bible offer cards passed out
  • 730 people contacted
  • 6 prayed to receive the Lord
  • 23 second appointments
  • 10 regular appointments

Prayer Burdens:

  • For the serving ones and saints in Richmond to be supplied to take care of the new ones after the trainees leave
  • That many of the ones contacted in these two weeks would be shepherded into the church life