Charlotte—Prayer Burdens

  1. Since the gospel trip to Charlotte (Jan. 25—Feb. 8) by twelve FTTA trainees, we have had ongoing contact with five new students at UNCC. Please pray for the continued care of these dear ones, that they would continue to attend and enjoy the college meeting, and that the Lord would supply the saints in shepherding all of them.
  2. In mid-March, college students and serving ones from Los Angeles (UCLA); Madison, Wisconsin; and Knoxville, Tennessee, will be visiting Charlotte as part of their spring break blending trips. We are burdened to pray that the Lord would richly bless these times, particularly the blending between the visiting students and our students. O Lord, use this time for Your solid operation and gain within each one—more life and life-supply—for the sake of the building up of Your Body.
  3. The churches in the Carolinas will hold a blending conference in the Blue Ridge Mountains on March 6-8. The burden for this time is shepherding. Please pray that the Lord would enlighten, encourage, and impart the riches of His grace to all the saints, including the newer ones among us, and that each attendant would have a fresh transaction with the Lord, especially along the line of consecration. We long to enter into the mutual and all-inclusive tender care of our Chief Shepherd for all of His sheep. Kindly, pray for every household, that we all would be revived and renewed in living a vital-group church life, and that this weekend would be an enjoyable time for the parents and their children.