St. Louis—Prayer Burdens

  1. Through the FTTA gospel trip to St. Louis (Jan. 16—Jan. 31), we have had ongoing contact with five to seven new students at the University of Missouri, St. Louis (UMSL), as well as a professor who was saved. Please pray for the continued care of these dear ones, and for the Lord to supply the saints in shepherding all of them. Pray that they would continue to attend the weekly ministry reading/nourishing times and the Friday group meeting.
  2. In mid-March, college students and serving ones from Champaign will be visiting St. Louis as part of their spring break blending trip. Please pray that the Lord would richly bless these times, particularly the blending between the visiting students, our students, and the new students presently being contacted. 
  3. As the church is being prepared to receive the migrating saints, please pray that the Lord will continue to vitalize the saints in their living, form the vital/small groups in mutuality, and build up the healthy meetings of the church. Please also pray for the Lord to continue strengthening the leadership and to send more shepherding saints to be patterns to the flock.