GTCA Virtual Tours Begin

Dear saints,

In the June GTCA Special Update, we announced that there would be virtual tours to the nine target cities. The schedule of these virtual tours is as follows:

Columbus, Ohio7/30/20224 PM ET
Virginia Beach, VA8/13/20224 PM ET
Omaha, NE8/13/20225 PM CT
Normal, IL8/20/20224 PM CT
Tampa, FL8/21/20225 PM ET
Cincinnati, OH8/27/20225 PM ET
Nashville, TN8/28/20225 PM CT
Memphis, TN9/10/20225 PM CT
St. Louis, MO9/17/20224 PM CT

The Zoom link to attend will be posted to the homepage of the website shortly before each virtual tour.
In Christ,

The co-workers in North America coordinating for the GTCA move