Pittsburgh, PA

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Pittsburgh Virtual Tour

September 22, 2020

Pittsburgh, PA—Gospel Trip, Update 7

February 10, 2020

February 6 In the morning, trainees and the local saints met for coordination. We set a goal to have more conversations with students rather than to merely pass out tracts and Bibles. Then we went to West Virginia University where we tabled for three hours. Our main goal was to invite students to the dinner…

Pittsburgh, PA—Gospel Trip, Update 6

February 7, 2020

February 5 In the morning the local saints and trainees met for coordination. During this time, we discussed new goals for the tabling at West Virginia University, where we ended up exceeding our goal of handing out Bibles. We noticed that there is more hunger here among the students compared to the campuses in Pittsburgh.…

Pittsburgh, PA—Gospel Trip, Update 5

February 4, 2020

February 2 Before the table meeting, there was a time for coordination between the trainees and local saints to hand over new contacts to the local saints for follow up and care. Following this was a very sweet table meeting and prophesying time where many trainees and saints overflowed their enjoyment from being on campus…

Pittsburgh, PA—Gospel Trip, Update 4

February 4, 2020

January 31 Today was our last day of distribution at both Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh. Statistics: Tracts: 825 Bibles: 47 Contacted: 52 In the evening, we held two Bible studies, one on each campus, with one new one at each Bible study. February 1 Today, we held our Bible seminars on both…

Pittsburgh, PA—Gospel Trip, Update 3

February 3, 2020

29-30 January 2020 Our statistics over the last two days: Tracts: 1,671Bibles: 119Contacted: 102Prayed to receive the Lord: 1Second Appointments: 2 On Wednesday evening, the trainees, host families, and some students from CMU all went to a brother’s home to make dumplings. There was wonderful conversation and much blending as each one was learning to…