Tampa, FL

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The church in Tampa was established in 1991. The following year the church purchased a large two-story house on 2 acres near the USF campus. The hall has a seating capacity for 180 saints. There are now 60 saints on average gathering on the Lord’s Day and, during the week, small groups of saints also meet in the homes. For more than two decades, there has been a burden for the University of South Florida, and saints have labored faithfully to contact students. May the Lord now lead some younger saints to serve full-time on this campus and others also to come to open their homes.

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Upcoming tours: Virginia Beach, VA and Omaha, NE

Previous tours: Columbus, OH

Virtual Tours

Columbus, OH 7/30/2022 4 PM ET
Virginia Beach, VA 8/13/2022 4 PM ET
Omaha, NE 8/13/2022 5 PM CT
Normal, IL 8/20/2022 4 PM CT
Tampa, FL 8/21/2022 5 PM ET
Cincinnati, OH 8/27/2022 5 PM ET
Nashville, TN 8/28/2022 5 PM CT
Memphis, TN 9/10/2022 5 PM CT
St. Louis, MO 9/17/2022 4 PM CT

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