Omaha, NE

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The church life began in Omaha in 2006. Initially, the Lord’s Table meetings were held in the saints' homes. As the church began to grow, the Lord supplied a place to meet at a community college campus. Several years later, the college restricted our use of the facilities. Needing to find another place to meet, the Lord opened the opportunity to purchase a meeting hall that met our needs. The structure was originally built in 1950 by a group of believers affiliated with the Christian Missionary Alliance. The church presently averages thirty to forty saints for the Lord’s Day morning and children's meetings. There is much and thorough blending enjoyed with the churches in the area. Presently we blend with the saints in Lincoln on Lord’s day once a month. The saints in Omaha have a strong burden for the gospel and labor to find opportunities to share the gospel on the campus, in the community, and at work. Each semester we participate in campus club activities to gain seeking ones. The saints also participate in a weekly Bible study on campus throughout each semester.

Upcoming Virtual Tour

Time: Sept 24, 2022 5:00 PM CT / 3:00 PM PDT

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Virtual Tours Schedule

Columbus, OH 7/30/2022 4 PM ET
Virginia Beach, VA 8/13/2022 4 PM ET
Omaha, NE 8/13/2022 5 PM CT
Normal, IL 8/20/2022 4 PM CT
Tampa, FL 8/21/2022 5 PM ET
Cincinnati, OH 8/27/2022 5 PM ET
Nashville, TN 8/28/2022 5 PM CT
St. Louis, MO 9/17/2022 4 PM CT
Memphis, TN 9/24/2022 5 PM CT

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