Charlotte, NC

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The church in Charlotte was reestablished in 1998. In 2004, the church completed the construction of a meeting hall that sits on 12 acres of land and can hold over 300 saints. About 120 currently gather on Lord’s Day mornings, including about 25 children. Saints also meet in small groups all over the city and its suburbs. For many years, there has been a burden for UNC Charlotte, but there had never been a campus team. After over two decades of prayer and the recent GTCA fellowship, a full-time team of nine saints will be established in Charlotte in August of 2020.

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Upcoming tours: Virginia Beach, VA and Omaha, NE

Previous tours: Columbus, OH

Virtual Tours

Columbus, OH 7/30/2022 4 PM ET
Virginia Beach, VA 8/13/2022 4 PM ET
Omaha, NE 8/13/2022 5 PM CT
Normal, IL 8/20/2022 4 PM CT
Tampa, FL 8/21/2022 5 PM ET
Cincinnati, OH 8/27/2022 5 PM ET
Nashville, TN 8/28/2022 5 PM CT
Memphis, TN 9/10/2022 5 PM CT
St. Louis, MO 9/17/2022 4 PM CT


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8700 Hood Road, Charlotte, NC 28215